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Do practice exams work?

Short answer? Yes! Practice exams are one of the best ways to cap your study, enhance your understanding, reduce your testing anxiety, and prepare you to pass your test.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking an insurance license exam, a driving test, or a math quiz. Practice exams take your subject knowledge and solidify it so there’s no chance you can fail the real test!

Here are several reasons why practice exams should be a part of everyone’s study plan:

  • Results tell you what you know – Applying your study to a mock test will give you clarity on which topics you’ve mastered.
  • Results also tell you what you don’t know – Using the questions you didn’t get correct as a guideline, you can focus your studies to fill in the gaps you need to pass the next time.
  • Reinforcement of concepts – It’s been shown that spacing out your studies will help to improve your retention on the subject matter. Practice tests are a great way to cover all of your studies in a different setting, which will lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the material.
  • Increased comfortability – For some, taking exams is a common practice. For others, it’s something that we don’t do too often. If you haven’t taken a formal test since high school and you need to pass this one to move your career forward, taking a mock exam will help you to get back into the headspace you need to be comfortable.
  • Increased confidence – Even if you’ve studied for quite some time and feel like you know the content fairly well, there’s a chance that the test will hit you with a concept that either wasn’t covered well, or just didn’t stick in your head. Practice exams reduce the level of uncertainty and increase your confidence to perform well.
  • Reduced testing anxiety – Testing anxiety can play a huge role in your success. If you’re nervous when the proctor hands you your test, chances are that it will be extra difficult for your recall to kick in like it should. Taking practice exams will let you know whether or not you’re prepared and expose you to the testing experience, all in a low-stakes environment. When you go to take the real thing, you’ll be more calm, comfortable, and ready to use your knowledge to crush your exam!

It’s clear to see that practice tests are an excellent way to ensure that you have the best chances of passing the real exam.

Don’t take your chances, take a practice exam.