Life Insurance Practice Exam

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Life Insurance Practice Exam – One Attempt


Life Insurance Practice Exam

This life insurance practice exam course is meant to help you prepare for the state exam and gauge your understanding of life insurance termslaws, and concepts.

What This Course Provides

  • Ensures your are prepared to take the state exam
  • Increases confidence of your performance on the state exam
  • Saves time and money by not wasting costly attempts on the state exam

This course is broken into three sections: Exam IntroductionLife Insurance Practice Exam, and Post-Exam Assessment.

Exam Introduction

  • Introduction to Pass Pen and the practice exam
  • What Should You Expect From This Practice Exam?
  • Practice Exam Instructions

Life Insurance Practice Exam

  • 100 questions based on life insurance terms, laws, and concepts
  • Final score and time to complete
  • Explanations for each correct answer (after testing is complete)

Post-Exam Assessment

  • Recommendations on how you should proceed based on score
  • Improvement Survey
  • Course completion